Product photography shoot for Coco Lopez line

Lighting challenges and solutions
The labels themselves presented an interesting challenge because some are reflective metallic and some are paper, as well as light and dark. To keep the light even across the various surfaces I used multiple diffusers with varying density to ensure a soft, balanced light. There is a strobe on the left, right, and from above, as well as fill cards to bounce light into shadows to alleviate harsh darks.

Composite element
The pineapple in the back is actually a composite; it wasn't in the original shot and was photographed separately and brought in with Adobe Photoshop. The shallow depth of field ensures the primary attention is on the products while the colors and shape reinforces the tropical atmosphere. Each label presented its own set of challenges including blemishes, dents, and tears – all of which were retouched in Photoshop and Lightroom. The piña colada did not go to waste!

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